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We build websites that work for you.

At Mesa Digital, we believe that a business website should be much more than just a place to get directions to your office. It should be a powerful and integral part of your business strategy. It should be bringing you leads, converting sales, supporting your operations and making you money. And you should know exactly how much.

Does your website do that? Most don't, and here's why...


An attractive design is not enough.

A visually enticing site is great, but does that mean it’s usable? Is it useful? On any device? For everyone who uses it? For an effective website, beauty must be more than skin deep.


Compelling content is not enough.

What good is good content if there's no one to read it? Without an audience, how will you capture a lead, make a sale or land a new subscriber? Content must be driven by and support your goals, and do so in a way to get you found.


Reliable hosting is not enough.

It's not a hugely difficult task to keep your site running, but do you really know if your site is working? Is it bringing in visitors? Are they able to do what they need to do — what you need them to do? How can you tell?

Need more customers?

We'll help you prepare and execute your internet marketing strategy on all platforms — search, social, email, pay-per-click, and more. We provide measurable results without breaking the bank. This is internet marketing designed for small business. 

How We Do It?

We start by learning how you do business.

In order to build a website that works for your business, we need to know how your business works. We kick things off with a business modelling session to determine how your website can fit into the bigger picture - how it can support your objectives and help you deliver on your value proposition.

We build with open source technologies.

We don't believe in vendor lock-in. The sites we build are based on open source CMS's that will run just about anywhere. If you're not satisfied, you can take your code and go — not that that happens very often.

We monitor continuously and provide a monthly summary report.

How do you know your site's working for you? We'll prove it. And, we'll identify areas where we think it can work even better. Don't worry, you don't need to know difference between sessions, and users, and unique users... We leverage our knowledge of your business to communicate with you in your terms.

Your unique business goals drive our entire process.

Design, content, code and operations must all align with your business strategy to produce an effective site. Our goal-oriented process ensures that you are the focus of every step. What if your goals change? We can change with you, and support you as you grow.

We host on a rock-solid infrastructure.

We can host your site on multiple trusted platforms, ensuring the highest level of reliability and performance. Our hosting options include a range of services, delivered on our rock-solid private hosting platform.

Best of all, it won't cost you a fortune to build or run.

We offer complete, affordable websites from as little as R20k to build and R400/month to host. This includes domain name, integrated content management system, up to 25 pages of search-optimised content, training, performance monitoring and personalised support.

Where Can We Help You?

Search Engine Optimization
Your customers are looking for you — are you ready to be found? We make sure your website is ready for the results list. 

Ready To Talk? 

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